About Us

Do you want to have full control over what food you eat? Are you a fan of Ethiopian and Eritrean spongy flat bread known as “Injera”? Over the past two decades many people in the west have grown to like it. I am sure you want to make it at home with quality ingredients and in different varieties. There is great satisfaction when you make your own food the way you want it to be. Making injera is an art and science, at the end, you take pride for making delicious one. Don’t worry anymore, Bella Manufacturing LLC bring you one of its kind Griddle and grill that is going to help you achieve good injera and flat bread”.

About Us

Why We Started?

We started our company because we saw an opportunity to build a company that would build durable and reliable grill-a grill that can make superb injera. We used to buy injera from the market for years, but we were just not sure whether the ingredients that have been used are gluten-free or not. That’s when we decided to bake our own gluten-free teff injera and we came up with the idea of this griddle/grill that makes baking easier and comfortable than ever before. And in no time, our business bloomed and now we are dealing with hundreds of clients. We are known for the reliability we have provided and for health-conscious people to bake injera in the comfort of their home without any inconvenience. Not only Injera, it also makes pita bread, pancake, Norwegian lefse, Moroccan m’smen, tortilla, Turkish bazlama, Gözleme and lavash, Asian Chapatti and rumali roti, Pizza and other flat bread quit well.


What Makes Us Stand Out?

There are a lot of resellers and market suppliers who have been providing griddle like ours. Why our product stands out from them is our topnotch-we are human with great customer services and the fact that we are always ready to hear your thoughts about our product any time of the day.
Our product is for household use only. We offer one year warranty (read our warranty coverage). We do believe honesty is the best policy and that is what brought us this far.
Our product’s durability speaks for itself and it has an auto-shut off button in case you forgot to turn it off. The griddle comes with a sleek design and an easy interface, so you can add it up in your Wish list if you plan on buying one. So, if you have any queries, feel free to contact us and our customer support will be very happy to assist you.